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Friday, 31 December 2010

Getting Approved to CPA Networks

Are you about to give up on CPA networks because you keep getting declined? If this is the case, keep reading to learn some techniques that will finally get you accepted. After applying these proven techniques you will be able to make money online .

If you happened to be a CPA agency, what would be your requirements for an affiliate? You'd probably want someone reliable and someone stable. For that reason, most affiliates get rejected by CPA networks because the networks don't know anything about them. If you want to get accepted, tell them that you're an organization or company instead of just an individual. If you do this, and you apply as a company, you'll be taken much more seriously. The CPAs you apply to are companies, too, and they are always on the lookout for companies to partner up with so that they can expand their own business. When they see that you, too, are a company, they'll instantly have more trust in you and they'll often approve you right away. They consider the fact that an organization is the least likely to try and trick people, as opposed to some strange person on the internet. Plus, it's easier than ever to register a company. One can get an LLC or an INC online for cheap, and the process hardly takes any time at all. Once your company's name is set up, you can then apply to the CPA network of your choosing and they will surely accept you.

What if you don't have a site made? You can either make one or you can somehow convince the affiliate manager that you are terrific at getting the traffic required to bring success. The other method is simple, you just let them know that you'll be doing email promotions and therefore don't have a website. But this would be like doing a tight rope act and can be risky, since email marketers are highly scrutinized by affiliate managers. If you're going to do it in that manner, you should take great care, but you will find your efforts rewarded. You simply need to let him know how you plan on using email marketing to get the job done. You'll have to convince the affiliate manager that you'll be doing ethical marketing and not indulge in any kind spamming. While this seems like it can backfire on you, or be a little too difficult, it's the way you should go if you aren't going to create a website. Just let the manager know that a website isn't needed because you'll be using PPCadvertising and you'll be sending messages with links that lead directly to the offers themselves.

No matter what the affiliate manager is told, once you're approved you will be able to utilize many forms of marketing to promote your offers. This will make it easier for you to make money on the Internet .

What you're trying to do is make the person over the affiliates at the network know that you are the best person for the job. For this reason, to get accepted to a CPA network, you'll need to do what you need to do to get affiliate managers to accept you. A smart way to make your application stronger is by showing the network that you're already running CPA offers on your website from other networks. So even if you're an affiliate at just one network, you can post a few banners and links from them on your site. You want the affiliate manager to see that network's banners and links on your site so that they know you're working with someone else and they'll be more likely to approve you.

Don't be one of those people who thinks they're too busy to do the techniques listed because you'll lose out on a great way to get approved.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Present

Well, hello and I would like to say HO HO HO and a very merry christmas to you all! Here is my christmas present - 7 Add To Cart buttons!

Download here - http://www.mediafire.com/?i0xo1o6asm1nw7g

Friday, 24 December 2010

Tip - Multi task With Two Screens

Having two screens can be very beneficial to your IM career - You can for instance, have an article on one screen while rewriting it on another. You can be creating a eBook while researching. You can be making a video while looking at current examples.

Its quite a good way to get yourself producing content much quicker.
Here is a quick picture I took of my desktop
Double Monitors
I suggest you buy a quality monitor to do this - The best are HD monitors.

Here is Microsoft's guide - http://www.microsoft.com/athome/organization/twomonitors.aspx
I know some people use Macs and Linux but I think you'll have to google around. Anyone know a good guide, then link to it in the comments.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Make your Blog Look Super Spammy With Stoopid Banners!

Banners. They have been ruining the face of webpages for centuries and now lets take a look at the three main types of these horrors.

#1 - Ad Prioritising
Some webpages even put the ads first in the list of priorities! So everytime you visit you have to  wait for a dated banner engine to kick into life - Even worse if the site is on free hosting. Graphic heavy banners take tooooo long to load as well.

#2 - The Spoof
I personally hate these. With all my heart. I can't blink before seeing a fake windows dialog shaking and saying I've won five gazillion pounds if I submit my email. Just like this - Link

#3 - Unnecessary animation
Don't don't make your banner flash just because you can! ITS SO ANNOYING. You can't read it and to be honest, just make it stop after a while so we can comprehend the text. If its a cool animation, I'll go back and refresh the page.

Note - This is not a rant at marketers who place banners CAREFULLY and don't have five or six banners for each paragraph like here http://www.talkgold.com/forum/

Please be careful about the user - Use banners responsibly!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Article Marketing

Some people seem confused on this so here is a short explanation

Ever heard of this? Its also called bum marketing. If you haven't read an article on a web page then this is probably the first site you came across.
Article marketing is the technique of writing articles, and then submitting them to directories with your link at the bottom, which should hopefully drive traffic.
The problem is with this system is that I see people who will go off and write 10 articles, submit them all and... Wait.


People who are making money online are not writing ten a week, they are writing ten a day! The more articles you submit, the better chance of you making money and driving traffic.
So get off yo butt and start writing! :P

Monday, 13 December 2010

I need YOUR help

Yes, read the title, I need your help.

I am going to write a short eBook that will retail for three dollars a copy. (Super cheap)
So, what would you like to know about? Here's some of my ideas -

  1. Logo Manual - How to create logos
  2. Blog manual - How to run a successful blog
  3. Clickbank - Create small sites that will bring in CASH!
  4. Any suggestions? Your answers are appreciated.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Thank Me!

Anyone noticed the new widget on the side of the blog?

Its where you can thank me for posting this info - Of course you don't have to, so instead of telling you a long, sad story about my 13 years on this planet, I'm just gonna leave it as that.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Its another getting started guide!!!

Yes, another getting started guide that details where to get stuff from depending on how much money you have.

Here it is!

First see how much money you have. You don't need any money but it is very profitable when you invest a little money.

If you have no money,
Domain - Get a free domain from .cz.cc or Dot TK to start off with.
Hosting - Sign up with 000a.biz
Autoresponder - Use Listwire, broadcasts and followups.

If you have a little money
Domain - Get a .info domain
Hosting - Sign up with hostgator
Autoresponder - Use Listwire, broadcasts and followups.

If you have a moderate amount of consistent money
Domain - Get a .com domain
Hosting - Sign up with bluehost
Autoresponder - Use Aweber for your autoresponder

For extras that will make this produce much more
Use Google adsense.
Sponsored Wordpress themes (I will do this for you for around 10$ - Comment here)

Sunday, 5 December 2010


A nice little tool I jst found - adf.ly

This tool shortens your URLs and when people click on them, you get a commision! The reason why this is a good tool is that it allows you to share things on twitter which people ACTUALLY want to click on - Heres my last tweet:

Funny Fat Kid Crashes His Moped 

Now, that is a lot more attractive to click on than this ad that I used to post.

Get Greedy on Black Friday and get a $50 PacSun Gift Card . Check it out and RT >>  - ad

The downsides? It doesn't pay much. Only about $0.00030 per click. BUT if you have a big website, or a big twitter account with lots of followers, then this is for you.

I must admit that I haven't tried out the advertising side of the program, but I can expect that you don't pay very much per view as you don't get paid much in the affiliate side of the program. 


Thursday, 2 December 2010

How to make Squeeze Pages

Ahh, the squeeze page - so many money making opportunities!

But to start properly using squeeze pages, you need to make them, silly! So here are my top three ways of making a high converting squeeze page.

Number one - Templates

Buying squeeze page templates can be great. It benefits you, the advertiser and they convert great. If you search around, many are good to use and just require a few clicks to be up and running. You just pick a domain, upload the template, make some minor changes and your done!

Number two - ISPG

ISPG stands for Instant Squeeze Page Generatorand it is a great little tool that you can use to build your list. It produces great little, high converting pages that also come complete with a free gift that you can give away. It also integrates with Listwire, a free autoresponder I mentioned a while back. Just set up a test page which you can find here --> http://instantsqueezepagegenerator.com/displaysp.php?m=64133&s=63645 

Number three - Create it yourself!

Here's a step-by-step procedure for setting up a simple squeeze page.

1. Create a new page in Kompozer.
2. Create a 1 column by 1 row table. Click on the table to select it.
3. Select Table|Table Properties. Change the table width to 600 pixels (or whatever you prefer).
4. Change the spacing to 0. Click 'Apply'.
5. Click the 'Center' icon to centre the table.
6. Type in a headline. Change the styling to suit your tastes.
7. Type in some bullet points.
8. Log in to your autoresponder account. I'll assume you're using AWeber; other autoresponders should be similar.
9. Create a new list. Give it a name that makes sense to you.
10. Create a new web form.
11. Edit the web form fields as needed - I usually add a 'Name' field and make it 'Required'.
12. Save the form.
13. Click on 'Get HTML'.
14. Copy the Javascript snippet ('Ctrl+C')
15. Go back to Kompozer. Click on the 'Source' tab at the bottom of the screen.
16. Paste the Javascript in after the bullet points.
17. Click on 'Publish'.
18. Enter your web hosting account details. If you haven't done this before, it's probably the trickiest part.
19. Open the newly published page in your web browser.
20. Tweak, correct, fix and improve.

Of course, it wont look perfect first time, but you will need some graphics to back it up.

So that's my list - other bits and bobs you might want to check out are:

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

SUPER Niches To Target

If you are thinking about starting an Internet home business, then it is important to understand the three super niches that are available online. If you understand and target one of these three super niches, then your probability of success will be dramatically higher. You can still succeed in other niches, but it will be much more difficult. Let's take a look at the three super niches of online businesses.

The first super niche for your internet home business is the make money category.
Nearly everyone in the world wants to make more money, so you have an extremely broad range of potential customers in this niche. If you can create a product or a service that can help people make more money, then you will soon find yourself rolling in the dough. Within this super niche, there are a nearly unlimited number of sub niches. You could teach people how to make money online, you could teach people how to make money from home, you could teach people how to make more money in their business, or you could help people start their first business.

The second major super niche for your internet home business is the health and fitness category.
Apart from money, there is probably nothing that people care more about then their health. People always want to look better and to look younger. They want to be able to live longer, and they want to be more attractive to members of the opposite sex. They want to be able to do more activities with their lives and with their bodies than their current level of health is allowing them to. Within this niche, there are also many different sub niches. Helping a young man learn how to build muscle may seem quite different than helping a new mother slim down from her pregnancy weight, but these are both great examples of a health and fitness niche.

The third major niche for your internet home business is relationships.
There are a ton of sub niches within this category that you could target. You can help people find a girlfriend, or you could help them get their girlfriend back. You could help new parents cope with the difficulty of raising their first child. You can help married couples communicate better. Relationships are a huge element of human life, and people are always looking for solutions to common problems. If you can help people have better and more fulfilling relationships, then you won't have to worry about achieving success in your new Internet home business.

You should think carefully about the niche that you enter. There are obviously many niches that don't fall into one of these categories, but these are the super niches where you will always be able to find customers for your internet home business.

Internet Home Business.

Twitter Marketing

Hey here's a little tutorial for twitter success. :)

First - Sign up to MyLikes - Link
Now, you need a twitter account. If you have one, then that's great. - Link

So, usually what you would do with this twitter account is get followers and then wait for clicks. But, this method is different as what you do is you create MULTIPLE twitter accounts and then you Retweet across all the accounts to maximise clicks.

This is what I do, a 15 day plan (Repeat every 15 Days)

  1. Create a twitter account. Fill in the details with FakeNameGenerator - Link. Then hook them up with SocialOomph. When I type TC, Repeat this step.
  2. Use this site - http://letgetmorefollowers.info/index.php?pages=Home To get followers. Use for all your accounts and then refollow everyone. When I type AT, repeat this step.
  3. AT
  4. AT,TC
  5. Broadcast your first sponsored tweet. Pick a good one and then reetweet across all your accounts. When I type ST, repeat this step.
  6. AT
  7. ST,AT
  8. ST,AT,TC
  9. AT, Go to youtube, type in "Get More Twitter Followers" or "Twitter Followers" Then add a comment saying that you followback instantly and your twitter usernames (Three Maximum)
  10. AT
  11. ST, AT, Promote your first account as much as possible (The one that's hooked up to MyLikes), this will get you a higher bid for clicks.
  12. AT,TC
  13. ST,AT
  14. TC,AT
  15. AT
Now, you should have 5 twitter accounts with around 500-1000 followers each, broadcasting advertisements, earning you . Imagine if you could redo this every 15 days. Maths below.

A click ratio of 1.5% for 1 account with 1000 followers produces 10$ per day 
Multiply that by 5 and you are looking at 50$ per day.
Follow this for a year. 121 Accounts a year. Now you have a  1210$ a day income! OMG

Of course, this is just theoretical - I haven't got 121 accounts. I do have about 25 - Generates a nice income.

Some PR7 and PR6 Do-follow Backlinks

WAIT - Please comment RESPONSIBLY on these blogs. No spam please. I do not promote spam. These links are just for commenting responsibly not spam reasons. Thought I'd sort that out.



Saturday, 27 November 2010

A Quick Affiliate Marketing Guide.

Here's a quick guide:

1. Open an account at
Listwire.com (Link)
CZ.CC (Link)
000a (Link)

They are all free.

Now, sign up at clickbank or a similar affiliate marketing site. Find a niche that intersts you. Then pick a product - pick carefully as the right products will rake in lots of cash but the wrong ones wont!

Buy the product through your affiliate link - this gets you a discount.

Read it and write a review on it in word.
Then find some testimonials by other people on the product and copy paste them into a separate word document.
Then write a little bit about the author in a third word document.
Save them all - Content done.

Now go to cz.cc and pick a domain - Get one that is a variation. If my product i was promoting was called Awesome Dog Care,Written by Larry Stephens and the domain was awesomedogcare.com - I would pick a domain of:


Then register the domain with 000a and use the fantstico to install wordpress.  Find a wordpresss theme to install or contact me and i will design one and a logo for a small fee. (5$ - 10$) Use DigitalPoint forums - Member jamjar919

Upload your articles and make the review sticky.

Now add a new page and link it to a page where people can sign up for a autoresponder sequence. (Do this with listwire.)

Now to drive traffic - Install the XML Sitemaps Plugin, the All In One SEO plugin, and then enable them all. This will get you in the google rankings.

You should have a page like this.

Then create backlinks by:

- Posting comments on blogs
- Posting in forums
- PPC (if you have the money)
- Article Marketing

If at first you don't succeed, keep trying.
You will prevail.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

So What Do I Do Anyway?

Well glad my mind asked that...

I am a combination of a twitter, affiliate, Wordpress and other types of things like that.

If you want to see my themes then go on to Digitalpoint and look for user jamjar919.
The twitter method I do by using sponsored tweets to make money. Will post more on that later - Maybe tomorrow.
Affiliate marketing with Clickbank - Nothing compares.

Hope that informs people.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Hello and an Introduction...

Well hello visitor - Looks a bit bare at the moment doesn't it? Well, I should have some more content coming out soon.

Oh and of course, where are my manners? I am James Paterson, a 13 year old marketer. Laugh if you want. Laugh out loud. LOL. Anyway I make money online - It's not that difficult but to be honest, don't trust the big launches that promise how you can:

Sleepwalk Your Way to Super Affiliate Status. (Link)
You Already Have Almost Everything You Need To Start Making Crazy Amounts Of Money, FASTER THAN YOU THINK… (Link)
Thousands Of Dollars Per Day With Software You Can Set Up With 30 Cilcks (Link)

Bought any? You probably have in some form or another. And I am here to tell you that there is no secret recipe to online success. Just good, hard work - An online business requires the same amount of work as an offline one. Really.

So now your probably wondering - What am I selling if I'm telling you that the 'Gurus' products are BS.
Well, nothing. True.
I will recommend my products that are coming out or products from my friends, or products that I really liked. But no BS with me. 

I may be young but I know my stuff.

Welcome to the blog.