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I am James Paterson, a 13 year old marketer. Laugh if you want. Laugh out loud. LOL. Anyway I make money online - It's not that difficult but to be honest, don't trust the big launches that promise how you can:

Sleepwalk Your Way to Super Affiliate Status. (Link)
You Already Have Almost Everything You Need To Start Making Crazy Amounts Of Money, FASTER THAN YOU THINK… (Link)
Thousands Of Dollars Per Day With Software You Can Set Up With 30 Cilcks (Link)

Bought any? You probably have in some form or another. And I am here to tell you that there is no secret recipe to online success. Just good, hard work - An online business requires the same amount of work as an offline one. Really.

So now your probably wondering - What am I selling if I'm telling you that the 'Gurus' products are BS.
Well, nothing. True.
I will recommend my products that are coming out or products from my friends, or products that I really liked. But no BS with me. 

I may be young but I know my stuff.

Welcome to the blog.