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Saturday, 27 November 2010

A Quick Affiliate Marketing Guide.

Here's a quick guide:

1. Open an account at
Listwire.com (Link)
CZ.CC (Link)
000a (Link)

They are all free.

Now, sign up at clickbank or a similar affiliate marketing site. Find a niche that intersts you. Then pick a product - pick carefully as the right products will rake in lots of cash but the wrong ones wont!

Buy the product through your affiliate link - this gets you a discount.

Read it and write a review on it in word.
Then find some testimonials by other people on the product and copy paste them into a separate word document.
Then write a little bit about the author in a third word document.
Save them all - Content done.

Now go to cz.cc and pick a domain - Get one that is a variation. If my product i was promoting was called Awesome Dog Care,Written by Larry Stephens and the domain was awesomedogcare.com - I would pick a domain of:


Then register the domain with 000a and use the fantstico to install wordpress.  Find a wordpresss theme to install or contact me and i will design one and a logo for a small fee. (5$ - 10$) Use DigitalPoint forums - Member jamjar919

Upload your articles and make the review sticky.

Now add a new page and link it to a page where people can sign up for a autoresponder sequence. (Do this with listwire.)

Now to drive traffic - Install the XML Sitemaps Plugin, the All In One SEO plugin, and then enable them all. This will get you in the google rankings.

You should have a page like this.

Then create backlinks by:

- Posting comments on blogs
- Posting in forums
- PPC (if you have the money)
- Article Marketing

If at first you don't succeed, keep trying.
You will prevail.

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