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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Twitter Marketing

Hey here's a little tutorial for twitter success. :)

First - Sign up to MyLikes - Link
Now, you need a twitter account. If you have one, then that's great. - Link

So, usually what you would do with this twitter account is get followers and then wait for clicks. But, this method is different as what you do is you create MULTIPLE twitter accounts and then you Retweet across all the accounts to maximise clicks.

This is what I do, a 15 day plan (Repeat every 15 Days)

  1. Create a twitter account. Fill in the details with FakeNameGenerator - Link. Then hook them up with SocialOomph. When I type TC, Repeat this step.
  2. Use this site - http://letgetmorefollowers.info/index.php?pages=Home To get followers. Use for all your accounts and then refollow everyone. When I type AT, repeat this step.
  3. AT
  4. AT,TC
  5. Broadcast your first sponsored tweet. Pick a good one and then reetweet across all your accounts. When I type ST, repeat this step.
  6. AT
  7. ST,AT
  8. ST,AT,TC
  9. AT, Go to youtube, type in "Get More Twitter Followers" or "Twitter Followers" Then add a comment saying that you followback instantly and your twitter usernames (Three Maximum)
  10. AT
  11. ST, AT, Promote your first account as much as possible (The one that's hooked up to MyLikes), this will get you a higher bid for clicks.
  12. AT,TC
  13. ST,AT
  14. TC,AT
  15. AT
Now, you should have 5 twitter accounts with around 500-1000 followers each, broadcasting advertisements, earning you . Imagine if you could redo this every 15 days. Maths below.

A click ratio of 1.5% for 1 account with 1000 followers produces 10$ per day 
Multiply that by 5 and you are looking at 50$ per day.
Follow this for a year. 121 Accounts a year. Now you have a  1210$ a day income! OMG

Of course, this is just theoretical - I haven't got 121 accounts. I do have about 25 - Generates a nice income.


  1. Hi, how much are u actually earning in reality from your 25 accounts ? and how long do u need to spend each dat doing the steps ? ta, warren

  2. @warrenrgallacher

    I don't really push my accounts very much (I find it loses me followers) but they produce a nice reseduial income of 10-50$ a day. If I were to push them I could have them earning more - But I have bigger profit streams. This helps to fund domains and such.

    The steps don't really take that long, but the longest I woould ever spend per day is 1 hour.

  3. Hey, thanks for letting me know. Certainly be useful for funding other stuff at least. I'll see if I can do it too :o)