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Sunday, 5 December 2010


A nice little tool I jst found - adf.ly

This tool shortens your URLs and when people click on them, you get a commision! The reason why this is a good tool is that it allows you to share things on twitter which people ACTUALLY want to click on - Heres my last tweet:

Funny Fat Kid Crashes His Moped 

Now, that is a lot more attractive to click on than this ad that I used to post.

Get Greedy on Black Friday and get a $50 PacSun Gift Card . Check it out and RT >>  - ad

The downsides? It doesn't pay much. Only about $0.00030 per click. BUT if you have a big website, or a big twitter account with lots of followers, then this is for you.

I must admit that I haven't tried out the advertising side of the program, but I can expect that you don't pay very much per view as you don't get paid much in the affiliate side of the program. 


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