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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Make your Blog Look Super Spammy With Stoopid Banners!

Banners. They have been ruining the face of webpages for centuries and now lets take a look at the three main types of these horrors.

#1 - Ad Prioritising
Some webpages even put the ads first in the list of priorities! So everytime you visit you have to  wait for a dated banner engine to kick into life - Even worse if the site is on free hosting. Graphic heavy banners take tooooo long to load as well.

#2 - The Spoof
I personally hate these. With all my heart. I can't blink before seeing a fake windows dialog shaking and saying I've won five gazillion pounds if I submit my email. Just like this - Link

#3 - Unnecessary animation
Don't don't make your banner flash just because you can! ITS SO ANNOYING. You can't read it and to be honest, just make it stop after a while so we can comprehend the text. If its a cool animation, I'll go back and refresh the page.

Note - This is not a rant at marketers who place banners CAREFULLY and don't have five or six banners for each paragraph like here http://www.talkgold.com/forum/

Please be careful about the user - Use banners responsibly!

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